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Hello my lovely friends. I hope to keep this blog updated on my music and other stuff. I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say. Your feedback would be wonderful.

By Maxi D, Jan 3 2018 12:35PM

I am so sorry for the lack of updates on my website. As most if you know, I took some time away to have my beautiful new baby boy, who turned two at Christmas. I know I have neglected my music, but I will be back this year, finally with the release of Operation Bubble and hopefully some more new music along the way. I also changed jobs last year after 14 years, so quite a bit has been going on.

Thank you for your support and patience over the past couple of years. This album will be released, I promise. Enjoy the little photo of myself and Noah from last January xxx

By Maxi D, Apr 24 2015 10:34PM

Hi Everyone


Just to let you know that there will be a one off live show in May .

Also on the bill performing their own set of songs and also as my backing band (all the way from Fresno, California), Blake Jones & The Trike Shop.

It will be great to welcome The Trike Shop back to Liverpool and we are all very excited about the event. We hope to see some of you at The Zanzibar on the 22 May.


The brand new album entitled "Operation Bubble" is ticking along nicely, if not a little behind from its planned release this spring. But, it will definitely be an Autumn release and I am really excited about this.

There will be other news coming up and I will announce that as soon as I am able........yes, leave that one to the imagination?

Take Care everyone and enjoy this beautiful Spring we are having.



By Maxi D, Jun 26 2014 07:49PM

Hello Everyone!

Here I am again, almost a year since my last blog. Even after saying I would try to endeavour to keep it updated.

Everyone will be familiar with the saying, life gets in the way.

Musically, great news! The next album is at it's half way stage and it even has a title. But I am keeping that under my hat for the moment, but I hope to have a new single release by the end of July.

Once again, Pete Hackett (Cult of Wedge) will be producing, Damon Roots (both based in the midlands) will be keeping the beat, with some programming by Ronni O'Keefe (Liverpool). Jim Ballard (Phoenix, Arizona)will be helping out with the design and artwork and with any luck Steve Turnidge (Seattle) will be mastering. The new album has taken a lot longer to pull together but I am sure you will be really happy with the results once finished. Release date - Spring 2015!

Like a lot of indie artists & bands will have noticed lately, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to promote online and get noticed. The indie scene all over is saturated and it is really difficult to pick out the cream of the crop. Even after all these years (eight on the live scene and as a recording band) and (seven as a solo recording artist) - it is damn hard and sometimes frustrating and alot of the time depressing. The life span of a new album is very short, considering the amount of time it takes to make.

I think what I am saying is, please keep continuing to spread word. Whether an album/song is brand new or a year old - it is important for the independent artist that the music is never forgotten and is shown as much love as possible. It takes an age to make and it takes a loss financially to get it out there. Lets face it, unless you have a cult following who love you or you are already famous there is no money in it.

I still think about getting out there live and until I can find a band this will always be something that may happen in the future.

But my main aim to put together the next twelve track long player and we are already half way there.

Please don't get me wrong, this is not supposed to be a whiney woe is me kind of blog. In general life is good and I am extremely happy..........just need to sell more records :-)

My music is currently available for download at Itunes, Amazon & Bandcamp, CDs are also available from Bandcamp and at my website Welcome To Soonville is available also at CD Baby. Physical copies of The Neglected Gambit are still sold out unfortunately.

Take care everyone - Enjoy the world cup and see you later in the summer with brand new music.




By Maxi D, Aug 12 2013 10:38PM

Hi Everyone

Just a quick update to let you know what is going on musically.

I know I said I would try my best to keep this blog updated and I know "I SHOULD!!", but I haven't had an awful lot to say really. "Edmund & Leo" continues to pick up the odd review here and there and thankfully they have all been great! Still picking up radio play and there are a few dedicated DJ's out there who continue to play me every week. To them I am eternally grateful.

I haven't done a lot this year musically. After the first album "Welcome To Soonville", I dived straight into "The Neglected Gambit" and the same happened with "Edmund & Leo", but I think I came to a natural end once Edmund & Leo was finished, It sort of was a case of "right, what next?", so over the past month or so I have been writing again, which has been a whole year since my last batch of songs were finished (them being, Edmund & Leo). The next journey is going to be a slow one and I am a little unsure whether I want to release any more "long players", but I should know more before the year is out.

I am still wanting to do some live shows, but haven't been able to find a band. I will continue to look around to see if anyone is interested. I would still love to celebrate my album releases properly.

Anyway, the plan is to release some new material in the Autumn. Maybe the odd song here and there and then I will see if I get the taste for turning it into a full album.

If you want to read some reviews of my latest "Edmund & Leo", then check them out on my web page. I still have copies for sale and a handful of "Welcome To Soonville". Unfortunately, I have sold out of "The Neglected Gambit", but it is still available for download at Amazon & Itunes. I won't be getting any further copies run up in the near future.

So not a lot to report on really. Hopefully next time I blog there maybe more exciting news.

Take Care and enjoy the rest of your Summer.




By Maxi D, Nov 24 2012 10:53PM

Hello Everyone,

I have to tell you how excited I am for the release of my new album. February cannot arrive fast enough. It has been a very busy and stressful few weeks trying to gets things in place. There were a few times I thought it all seemed impossible to achieve, but I am glad to say, plans are full steam ahead.

You will now see a pre-order link up on my page. With every pre-order of Edmund & Leo, I will send a new unheard (non-album) song, entitled "I know what day it is!". There will also be some nice freebies to be sent with the new CD once it is ready for shipping at the end of February. Watch this space for more details. If there is anything that you would like, for eg "poster, signed photo, keyring, coaster...etc", just let me know.

I am especially really looking forward to Christmas this year with my beautiful family, but first I have a ball next week. I can't wait.

Keeping this blog up to date is something I am going to try to endeavour, so lots of feedback would be great.

Have a lovely weekend and catch you all soon.



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